Frequently Asked Questions

What is OPIE Con?

It is a unique concept within the O&P profession that is the culmination of over a decade of training O&P folks on how to get the very most from their EMR software systems. This innovative educational event provides in-depth training to both new and existing OPIE and Futura users through seminars that create educational tracks for each major functional area of an O&P practice taught in a 3-day series of educational sessions.

In the past we have provided these trainings as individual events, known as Boot Camps, but we firmly believe that combining all of our smaller training events into two larger, major training efforts adds significant value to all users, while allowing for greater collaboration and connection among individual practices.

OPIE Con will help increase practice efficiency by teaching how to fully utilize the OPIE and Futura software systems, offering business education, updates on the evolving healthcare world, new patient evaluation techniques for practitioners based on data and science, and more!

What Trainings are available?

We offer four track options at our OPIE Con events, and you will choose one of them.

  • Administrative & Compliance Track: 2.5-day training on administrative and compliance requirements in OPIE Software.
  • Billing Track: 2.5-day training on all aspects of OPIE Software billing and collections processes.
  • Practitioner Track: 2.5-day seminar for practitioners who want to optimize their use of OPIE Clinical Tracks for patient and outcome documentation, learn new patient evaluation techniques and more.
  • Futura Track: 2.5-days of training on all aspects of Futura Software from scheduling and documentation to billing and so much more.

Do I have to pick one educational track, or can I attend multiple tracks?

Yes, each attendee will have to select a single educational track as the curriculums are designed to build upon the concepts presented throughout each day. However, we will have sessions that involve all attendees each morning, and in the afternoon you will have a selection of breakouts to choose from.

Where should I stay?

We have negotiated an OPIE Con room block for this event.

Event Dates - April 27th – 29th, 2017

There is a block of rooms reserved at The Royal Sonesta.

You can reserve your room online or call (410) 234-0550 and reference OPIE Con. A special group rate of $179/night is available. The group rate code for call-ins is 0426OPIECO.


How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

The easiest way is going to be to take a Taxi or catch an Uber. However, you can also rent a car or take the light rail.

Driving directions from BWI

  1. Merge onto I-95-W.
  2. Continue on I-95-W for approximately 11 miles.
  3. Take the exit for W Conway St.
  4. Take a right onto Light Street.
  5. You will take a right into a hole in the wall of the hotel that is the lobby and valet parking area.

Taking Light Rail

  1. Find the Light Rail station at the airport.
  2. From there, take it to Camden Yards or the Convention Center.
  3. You will be about 4 blocks from the hotel.

How do I register?

Please go to the opiesoftware.com/opiecon website to register or simply CLICK HERE to get started!

What is the dress code?

All of our OPIE events are designed to be casual so that you can relax, learn, and collaborate with other O&P folks. Business casual is our preferred dress.

Can I bring a guest or my family?

That is completely up to you, but anyone who wishes to attend the seminars must be registered as an attendee with OPIE Con. We do try to pick interesting venues and connect our events to a weekend so that you can extend your stay and take some time to enjoy yourself if you desire.

What is the cost of attending?

Each educational track has a different registration fee that is driven by the number of days for each seminar. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the registration fees for each educational track.

Why should I attend?

  • Remarkable Content – OPIE-led educational events are created to be real-world, to leave you with a practical To-Do List for when you get back to your practice, and to give you the latest information about how to survive in the rapidly changing healthcare world.
  • Experienced Presenters – Every presenter at OPIE Con has worked directly with or in an O&P practice for years. We understand the increased challenges that you face and we will provide you with battle tested suggestions to improve your daily work.
  • Networking – Every time we bring together our software users, we are amazed at the interactions that occur between attendees, who may be in direct competition, but have many common interests and learn A LOT from each other.
  • Entertainment – We work hard at OPIE training events, and then we try to relax with just as much effort. The OPIE Con agenda will provide you with lots of opportunity to blow off some steam while you get to know the OPIE Team and your fellow attendees.