OPIE Software

Founded on a Vision to Transform the O&P Profession Through Technology

Founded 1995
Market Healthcare IT
Location Gainesville, FL
Size 80+ employees
Growth 30%+ annually

OPIE is a Gainesville, Florida-based company dedicated to serving the technology and business needs of the orthotics and prosthetics profession. Our software platform provides electronic health records, workflow, billing and practice management to over 900 independent orthotics and prosthetics facilities. Through our technology and consulting divisions and our many partners, we are dedicated to improving the quality of care received by millions of amputees and orthotic patients worldwide.


OPIE sees a future where advanced technology, data-driven decisions, and shared best practices empower Orthotic & Prosthetic experts around the world to deliver the highest level of patient care and receive the highest level of professional reward.


OPIE pioneers industry-leading software, proven clinical best practices, and customized training and service solutions to improve outcomes for:


OPIE means patients gain more value from their visits to the clinic - a more scientific approach to patient care, more built-in best practices for your clinician, and more patient engagement as you help guide and track your progress. For patients, OPIE means better clinical outcomes and more freedom to live your best life with family and friends.


OPIE means practitioners gain more value from their business - more effective and efficient industry-best practices, more productivity, more patient and employee satisfaction, and more speed in processing reimbursements. For practitioners, OPIE means a better business model and protecting the profit that allows your clinic to thrive.


OPIE means our profession gains more value from a higher standard of practice - more industry-specific features, more data-informed decisions, more collaboration to help practices of all size share in the benefits that come with improved patient outcomes. For the profession, OPIE means better information and a stronger community of experts.




Whether it’s sharing best wishes on birthdays or listening deeply as we connect over coffee, OPIE gets stronger every day by striving to treat each other not just as co-workers but family.


From employee-driven fitness plans to our casual dress and pet-friendly workplace, OPIE team members know how to have fun. And we’re friendly! We’re committed to everyone feeling like they belong.


We know life doesn’t always fit a perfect 9-5 schedule, so from the beginning OPIE has provided a flexible workplace where performance and results mean more than fixed hours and routines.


Clear objectives and a high degree of trust and respect from leadership means every employee at OPIE is free to focus on what matters most - driving great results for patients and practices



At OPIE we work in cross-functional teams that thrive on collaboration. Teamwork means we help out when someone’s stuck no matter which project or which team we’re working on.


We’re lifelong learners at OPIE which means we’re always iterating, always innovating, and always improving. The only thing that never changes here is our commitment to always getting better.


At OPIE we hold ourselves and each other accountable for delivering high quality software and services in a timely manner. We never forget that delivering our best every day means bringing our best - every day.


Being data-centric means OPIE knows its numbers. We collect meaningful data and use it to make more impactful decisions. Everyone at OPIE knows what it means to build, measure, and learn.



At OPIE, we’re passionate about the Orthotic & Prosthetic profession, its practitioners, and their patients. We deliver the highest quality software and service to empower the highest professional standards.


We know that when we deliver OPIE software and service, we’re not just providing value to our customers, we’re improving patients’ lives. Better outcomes for patients and their families drive everything we do.


At OPIE every team member knows great care comes from great clinics. To help patients and their families thrive, we listen to practitioners, ask hard questions, and then develop the solutions they need to deliver the outcomes patients deserve.


We’ve worked for decades to develop and build-up a global peer network of practitioners, policy-makers, and providers. We support this community through bootcamps, group learning, and software as they push the limits of continuous quality improvement.

Futura Is Now an OPIE Product

OPIE Software and Futura International, Inc. merged in August 2014 to leverage their development, support, and training resources to help thousands of clinicians, administrators, billers, practice managers and O&P practice owners more effectively compete and succeed during this time of massive change in the healthcare arena.

Find out more about Futura here.



Careers at OPIE Software

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Don’t see your dream job on the list? We are always looking for talented individuals looking to make a positive impact on the lives of others. If you are looking for a career to love in Gainesville, send your resume to careers@opiesoftware.com and include a cover letter that describes why you believe you would be a great fit for our company. Keep in mind that we are interested not only in your background and skills, but also in who you are and how you would fit into our team and our vision.

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