Senior Front End Developer

Supervisor: Director of Development

Organization: Developmentment

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced, versatile, driven, detail oriented front-end web application developer to join our growing OPIE Team. You will be joining a high performing agile scrum team and together you’ll be migrating our beloved on-premise electronic medical record system to the cloud.

In the near term, you’ll be responsible for upgrading legacy windows forms applications into responsive, information dense, keyboard navigable, web-based experiences. Your work will run the gamut from low fidelity design mockups and workflow documentation all of the way though to implementing changes in CSS, Javascript and React-JS. You’ll also be expected to learn full stack development and be responsible for backend APIs, SQL queries, services, as well as legacy application changes.

Essential Functions

Deliver Awesome Software

  • Learn the domain, the products and the customers
  • Thoroughly understand the problem to be addressed
  • Create prototypes, mockups, and designs
  • Consensus build and validate designs prior to development
  • Review prototypes, designs, and mockups created by team members and provide feedback
  • Design to reduce unintended consequences, maximize ease of use
  • Implement for fast loading times and code maintainability
  • Implement design changes in CSS, JavaScript, React-JS
  • Write unit, integration, functional tests per team guidance
  • Code review and test your teammate’s solutions
  • Document your work in JIRA and confluence

Fully Participate in Scrum

  • Quarterly planning
  • Release planning
  • Sprint planning
  • Daily standups
  • Retrospectives
  • Sprint Demos

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  • B.S Degree with concentration in computer science or mathematics
  • Experience in design for healthcare information technology
  • 2+ years in React-JS experience


  • 5+ years development experience in Javascript, testing frameworks, and UI frameworks
  • Demonstrated ability to design line of business workflows and make sensible design trade-offs
  • Demonstrated ability to work with technical and business teams
  • Experience in benchmarking and optimization
  • Knowledge of distributed version control systems (eg GIT)
  • Expertise in mockup and wireframe tool kits
  • Experience in Agile Software Practices: Pair programming, shared code ownership, TTD
  • Passion, Grit, Team Spirit

How to Apply

Send your resume to, and include a cover letter that describes why you believe you would be a great fit for our company and the position for which you are applying. Keep in mind that we are interested not only in your background and skills, but also in who you are and how you would fit into our team and our vision.

About Our Company, Culture and Growth

OPIE Software was started to make a positive impact on the lives of people.

Our market is predominately small, independently owned companies who care for individuals with various orthopedic disabilities and challenges. Our customers enable their patients with mobility and independence through providing custom made artificial limbs and orthopedic braces. Our software platform provides electronic health records, workflow, billing and practice management to over 1600 orthotics and prosthetics facilities.

We are passionate about creating a culture inside and outside of our organization that promotes personal and professional growth, constantly challenges the status quo, and of course incorporates a little fun!