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OPIE Con teaches best practices to optimize your processes and enhance your team’s practice management and communication skills.

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I was thrilled to have three of my team members come back absolutely on top of the world ready to grab their job opportunities and crush them.

JP Donovan, CPO, AtlanticProCare, Portland ME

I have sent every single one of my team to an OPIE Con. It was totally worth the investment. My staff members were able to use OPIE more efficiently as soon as they returned. They actually saw that it was a better way of doing things once they worked through the learning curve. All of my team leaders now firmly believe that all new staff must attend an OPIE Con.

Scott Sabolich, CP Sabolich Prosthetics, Oklahoma City, OK

You will leave OPIE Con with ideas to improve every aspect of your practice. You can pace yourself and over time will reap efficiency and financial benefits. With the implementation of OPIE and other improvements we have made to our business over the past nine months, we have decreased losses and increased profitability substantially.

Jennifer Monroe, CPC Choice O&P, Knoxville, TN

It’s not just about learning the OPIE and Futura software platforms, it’s about learning how to operate an effective and profitable O&P practice now and in the future. Additionally, the networking and relationship building is as valuable as the information itself. You won’t get THAT kind of ROI on continuing education anywhere else but OPIE Con.

Want to know what past attendees think of OPIE Con?

Checkout the letter below from Jennifer Monroe, a past attendee from
Choice Orthotics and Prosthetics of Tennessee.

Choice O&P Logo Jennifer Monroe

Jennifer Monroe's thoughts on the value of attending OPIE Con -

I was truly impressed with OPIE Con, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for what you have done to make our business better!

I attended OPIE Con for the Admin & Compliance Track, and I left energized and excited to begin our implementation. OPIE Con gave us the opportunity to take a step back and envision a better future for our business. We left armed with ideas to improve every aspect of our practice, and we paced ourselves overtime to reap the efficiencies and financial benefits.

Compared to other conferences, this was the most engaging conference I have attended. It also provided the most direct financial benefit of any single training event, with a 5% reduction in cost of goods sold over the last year. The event itself was so well organized. We were provided with a comprehensive notebook, great bios on each presenter, and a wonderful facility with great food. OPIE personnel attended to every detail from check-in to follow-up after the event, and the presenters were authentic, knowledgeable, and provided much relevant content!

We have sent someone to the Admin & Compliance Track, Billing Track, and the Practitioner Track, and each individual has raved about the event and found it engaging and informative. The entire OPIE team puts on a conference that will get you thinking about all aspects of your practice as well as how your organization can rise up and function in a way that is more efficient to better serve your patients. The Keynote, Spencer Penhart is a great contributor, especially for those who may not have been exposed to self-awareness, leadership development, effectiveness consulting, etc.

I recommend sending someone from each area of your practice! Doing this over a 12-month process has provided us an excellent return on investment as we have become leaner and more profitable in our operations. Besides great education, OPIE Con provided wonderful networking opportunities and great speakers. Even after the event, I have continued to receive excellent service.

The intentions with OPIE are so clear, and the entire team seems to really get what you are doing and how to help users with the challenges we face in our practices.

Best Regards,

Jennifer Monroe
Business Manager
Choice O&P
Knoxville, TN

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