Database Administrator

Supervisor: Director of DevOPS

Organization: DevOPS

Data is the heart of a technology organization. We rely on our data to empower our customers around the world to improve the care of their patients. We’re seeking an experienced engineer who can join us on this journey, using his or her technological skills to make us more efficient. In this role, you will analyze our current database servers and database systems and assets, recommend and implement solutions and upgrades, and provide training.

This is not your parent’s database administrator role. Our ideal candidate has extensive knowledge of modern SQL and NoSQL database technologies and operations, and the skills to develop, deploy, and maintain those systems with an eye to modern DevOps practices. From day one, you’ll have an immediate impact on the day-to-day efficiency and security of our data operations, and an ongoing impact on our overall growth.

Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Manage MS SQL Server systems for security, performance, scalability, and reliability
  • Monitor development and production databases for abnormal operation
  • Optimization of development and production queries for performance and scalability
  • Proactively detect stresses in the systems and remediate before problems become problems
  • Helping to chose the most appropriate database for a given project
  • Maintain relationships with data software vendors
  • Produce and audit documentation as required for Information Security
  • Develop and validate disaster recovery plans for corporate and production data resources
  • Plan and execute internal and external audits on a regular basis (HIPAA/HITRUST)

What is Expected:

  • DevOps attitude to data management – automated deployment over manual interaction
  • Thorough understanding of sound relational database schema design
  • Continued learning to keep current with emerging technologies
  • Liaise with other departments to represent data concerns and responsibilities
  • Designing and executing training programs and workshops for staff
  • Potentially participate in on-call rotation

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • 3+ years’ experience in database design, development, deployment, and administration
  • Administration of Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Using source code management for configuration, schema, and data changes
  • Experience deploying databases through a CI/CD process
  • Strong creative and analytical thinking

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technological field
  • Pertinent professional certifications
  • Deploying docker container-based database systems
  • Experience deploying databases to cloud vendors such as AWS or Azure
  • Experience working in an agile environment using Scrum or Kanban
  • Experience with most of the following applications: Git, SQL Server, Postgres, MySql, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Prometheus, Zipkin, Google Analytics, New Relic

How to Apply

Send your resume to our career center on ADP, and include a cover letter that describes why you feel you would be a good fit for our company and the position you are applying for. Keep in mind that we are interested not only in your background and skills, but also in who you are and how you would fit into our team and our vision.

We are passionate about creating a culture inside and outside of our organization that promotes personal and professional growth, constantly challenges the status quo, and of course incorporates a little fun!

About Our Company, Culture and Growth

OPIE Software was started to make a positive impact on the lives of people.

Our market is predominately small, independently owned companies who care for individuals with various orthopedic disabilities and challenges. Our customers enable their patients with mobility and independence through providing custom made artificial limbs and orthopedic braces. Our software platform provides electronic health records, workflow, billing and practice management to over 1600 orthotics and prosthetics facilities.

We are passionate about creating a culture inside and outside of our organization that promotes personal and professional growth, constantly challenges the status quo, and of course incorporates a little fun!