Inaugural Partnership between
College Park & OPIE Choice Network

New Program Creates Opportunities for Network Members

Gainesville, FL – April 10, 2015 – The OPIE Choice Network of Gainesville, FL, and College Park Industries of Warren, Michigan are proud to announce that they have entered into the first contract award for the Choice Network's Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). This initial award names College Park as a preferred, non-exclusive provider of K2 Feet for all members of the Choice Network.

The OPIE Choice Network is focused on creating ways to use the distinctive data in the OPIE and Futura Systems to help improve the operations of O&P practices through collaboration. This new GPO approach is unique to the O&P profession and has been driven by the network members through a systematic, data-focused Product Selection Committee process. The end result of this supplier review effort creates a product procurement process that involves a three year partnership between suppliers in many different product categories and the collective purchasing of the members of the Choice Network.

"As a long time OPIE Integrated Supplier, College Park is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with the OPIE Choice GPO program. This unprecedented program will help bring a collective voice to the independent practitioners we've worked with for so many years. We look forward to our partnership growth and watching the program become a powerful tool for the O&P industry," states William Carver, Chief Operating Officer, College Park Industries. "Being able to become involved with the Choice Network members with products like the Odyssey K2 foot and ankle further supports our mission to bring high quality products to amputees of all activity levels."

Mark Ford, President of The OPIE Choice Network, said, "Our relationship with College Park goes back many years and that connection helped Bill and his team to see how our new Choice Network GPO could bring real value to both our members and to their efforts as a manufacturer. The members of The OPIE Choice Network are committed to collaborating together in new ways while remaining independent businesses. Our GPO process relied heavily on utilizing the data from our software systems to create a transparent process for suppliers and members alike. Nothing like this has ever been possible in our field before now and we are excited to see how this use of collective data can be used in other ways to benefit our members, suppliers and the profession at large."

This new Group Purchasing Organization for product procurement is available to all members of the OPIE Choice Network.

About College Park

College Park began with a unique collaboration between a machinist, his son and a local Podiatrist with the goal of developing the world's most anatomically correct prosthetic foot. Today, College Park designs and manufactures a full line of anatomically correct, customizable prosthetic foot and ankle systems sold in over 35 countries. College Park is ISO 13485 certified with an extensive focus on quality testing, and proudly sources and produces entirely in the USA. For more information, visit

About The OPIE Choice Network

The OPIE Choice Network is the next step in the evolutionary process of creating solutions to help O&P practices and patients. By developing a network of independent O&P practices from around the country, this uniquely designed organization stimulates collaboration, develops collective efforts for its members, and utilizes data to drive the entire O&P profession forward. For more information, visit

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