Enhanced Partnership between
Endolite & OPIE Choice Network

New Approach to Purchasing Positions Endolite Very Uniquely

Gainesville, FL – November 3, 2015 – The OPIE Choice Network of Gainesville, FL, and Endolite of Miamisburg, OH, are proud to announce that they have entered into an entirely new phase of their long-term relationship. Endolite has been approved as a preferred, non-exclusive provider of K2 and K3 Feet under a contract awarded for the OPIE Choice Network’s Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). This new arrangement positions Endolite as a primary liner supplier for the Choice Network GPO with their full range of K2 and K3 Feet.

This new GPO approach is driven by the network members through a systematic, data-focused Product Selection Committee process. The end result of this effort creates a product procurement process that involves a three-year partnership between suppliers and the collaborative purchasing of the Choice Network members. The OPIE Choice Network works to improve the operations of O&P practices through collaboration and use of distinctive data available in the OPIE and Futura systems. The new GPO is just one of the many initiatives under way to help to push the O&P profession forward.

“This partnership represents a commitment by Endolite to support the growing network of innovative independent O&P practices,” says Chris Nolan, Vice President and General Manager of Endolite. “Our relationship with OPIE goes back over a decade and we’ve valued the opportunities provided to reach the O&P community,” “We took our time to examine how the development of the Choice Network GPO would benefit O&P providers, and we took care to integrate this new GPO program into our existing distribution channels. We are excited to take our relationship with the OPIE team into this new venture of serving O&P clinicians.”

Mark Ford, President of The OPIE Choice Network, said, “Endolite is a long term partner of the OPIE System, and it’s incredible for them to see the value of becoming involved with the Choice Network GPO. We are truly committed to helping our members create genuine win/win situations where suppliers and O&P providers help each other to succeed. This new Group Purchasing process utilizes the data from our software systems to create a transparent process for suppliers and members alike. The collaborative nature of these relationships is an exciting step forward to use collective data in ways that benefit our members, Supplier Partners, and the O&P profession at large.”

About Endolite

Endolite is committed to help those who face mobility and quality of life challenges through continued research, innovation and design of prosthetics that enable amputees to get busy living. We are dedicated to providing a valuable and positive experience to our customers and listening to their feedback in order to continually improve our service and products. As a world’s leader in prosthetics, our goal is nothing less than to open up the world to amputees so that they can get busy living. For more information about Endolite and its products, please call 1.800.548.3534 or visit the company’s website at www.bulldogtools.com.

About The OPIE Choice Network

The OPIE Choice Network is the next step in the evolutionary process of creating solutions to help O&P practices and patients. By developing a network of independent O&P practices from around the country, this uniquely designed organization stimulates collaboration, develops collective efforts for its members, and utilizes data to drive the entire O&P profession forward. For more information, visit www.opiechoice.com.

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