Cyber-Security Update from OPIE Software

Cyber-threats are on the rise. With all of the national and international attention, you are probably aware of these malicious attempts to control or disrupt computer systems. Just this past weekend, a massive cyber-attack was all over the news. A Ransomware threat commonly referred to as "WannaCry" has infected over a hundred thousand systems world-wide.

We recommend that you take action to protect your business and patients by making sure that all computers on your network have ‘Automatic Updates’ enabled. This will ensure that newly available security patches are downloaded and installed.

As an important part of your technology infrastructure, we are working hard to stay on top of the changing cyber-security landscape and techniques to mitigate risk. If you use any of our hosted services including Hosted OPIE, Hosted FUTURA or OPIE Purchasing & Inventory, please note that we have done the due diligence to protect our IT infrastructure from the current ‘WannaCry’ vulnerability.

If you want to learn more about Cyber-risk and best practices, join us for a free webinar on Thursday, May 25th at 11:00am EST. Register for the webinar here.

We will continue to monitor the cyber-security landscape and do all that we can to mitigate risk. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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