OPIE Software Rolls Out New,
Interactive Education Modules for Futura Users

Hands-on training makes it easier to learn the Futura system

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (May 24, 2018) — Industry-leading Healthcare IT Company, OPIE Software is introducing a new, easy way for Futura users to learn the software. The online, on-demand education modules were created to ensure consistent usage of Futura.

The Futura education modules are a series of hands-on software simulations that are designed to help the owners and staff members of orthotic and prosthetic practices learn how to use the Futura system. They will provide basic training to make Futura users confident and capable enough to handle everything from patient intake through delivery, claims submission, and payment posting. “This is not your typical boring watch-and-learn training videos of the past,” says Director of Education, Jessica Norrell. “The Futura Modules are interactive, short segment modules that can quickly be completed anytime, anywhere.”

After completion of the program, users should be proficient in using the Futura system. The modules are considered to be part of the company’s 100-level education, and they are focused on understanding the patient care workflow and software utilization. This new tool will help companies achieve better patient care, smoother workflows, and staff who fully understand their job and how it fits into the whole office.

Here is what a few of the Futura Beta Testers had to say about the new, online education –

“I am even learning some new things being a 10 year Futura user!” – K. Robinson, Lawall

“I think this is a great idea and certainly will help training new people—so great job!” – T. Dailey, Armac

For an affordable rate of $50 per month, clients have unlimited access to the Futura education modules, which are included as part of the Fundamental level Choice Membership. The modules cover system setup, patient care documentation, insurance billing, coding, and rentals. There are numerous benefits to being a part of the Choice Membership program. The Fundamental level membership was designed specifically for people who currently use Futura. Members will have guaranteed, 24-hour, on-demand access to the Futura education modules. In addition, they will have access to webinars and coaching sessions—each with exclusive discounts of 5-percent off these features. They will also receive a 5-percent discount off the price of accreditation manuals for their office. Coverages for the program include surety bond and comprehensive cyber liability coverage that takes care of expenses in the event of damage due to a breach in data. In addition to these valuable benefits, members will receive legal updates related to the orthotics and prosthetics profession and business ownership, as well as special discounts at Staples.

OPIE Software, which owns Futura, is the leading Healthcare IT Company focused on the orthotics and prosthetics profession. This is an apt description, given that more than 1,420 locations utilize its products on a daily basis. That translates to 2:3 practitioners using their tools. OPIE Software’s goal is to continue providing unparalleled technology, education, and support to orthotics and prosthetics offices around the globe. The Futura Education Modules represent a major development for OPIE Software and reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to its Futura users.

Visit www.opiechoice.com/futura-education to learn more. Members of the media can request more information or interviews by calling Christy Butler at (352) 872-5419.

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OPIE Software is dedicated to serving the technology, education, and business needs of the O&P profession. The OPIE Software platform was introduced in 2003 and provides electronic health records, workflow, billing, and practice management tools to independent orthotic and prosthetic facilities. In 2014, we merged with Futura International, Inc., so we now offer the two leading practice management solutions to over 1200 facilities to help O&P practices more effectively compete and succeed. For more information, visit www.opiesoftware.com.