OPIE Integrates PDI Product Ordering

OPIE Users Now Have Integrated Ordering of PDI Products

Gainesville, FL - May 15, 2012 - OPIE Software, the provider of the world's leading software systems dedicated to the orthotic and prosthetic industry, is proud to announce the expansion of its Integrated Supplier program to include the functionality to order the products of Prosthetic Design Inc. (PDI). This integration allows OPIE software users to search through a catalog of PDI's products and place orders with PDI through the OPIE Purchasing & Inventory system or at shop@oandp.com. All of these integrated functions are planned to be fully functional as of May 14, 2012.

Since 1991, Prosthetic Design has stood for CAD/CAM integration through modular parts and production materials. As funding and reimbursements have consistently declined for creating custom-made artificial limbs, PDI has diligently worked to move what once was an artisan craft into an engineering science. Today PDI is located in Clayton Ohio, and continues to develop and refine the process of prosthetic manufacturing, assembly, and adjustability for the clinician, technician, and patient.

"The growth in the number of companies utilizing OPIE has been amazing to watch, and we are eager to provide improved access to our products for these O&P companies," said Tracy Slemker, CPO, and CEO of Prosthetic Design, Inc. "OPIE's ordering system will broaden and deepen our reach to customers throughout North America and make the unique products that PDI provides even more accessible to clinicians. It's an exciting opportunity for PDI to better support our customers."

Paul Prusakowski, CPO, FAAOP, CEO of OPIE Software, said, "We are strongly committed to evolving OPIE based on the expressed desires of our users. Broadening our family of Integrated Suppliers to include Prosthetic Design brings the full benefit of our electronic product selection, ordering, and tracking capabilities to an even broader pool of manufacturers. We are thrilled to work with PDI to further push the limits of ordering efficiency for OPIE users."

The development of OPIE Software has continued rapidly in many directions. On the clinical side, the core electronic health record component of OPIE connects every staff member to manage the complete operations of a practice from scheduling initial appointments, managing administrative documentation through WIP, through clinical documentation, fabrication management, purchasing and ultimately delivery of the definitive device with seamless electronic billing. All of these processes are managed within the logical OPIE workflow that standardizes operations to support facility accreditation and compliance on many levels. The Purchasing & Inventory module in OPIE brings Integrated Suppliers and clinical facilities together through this comprehensive product ordering system.

About OPIE Software

OPIE Software is the leading developer of software systems focused on the orthotics and prosthetics industry. Introduced in 1996, oandp.com is the leading web site focused on O&P topics. The development of the OPIE Software system began in 1999 and has grown dramatically over the past five years so that now over 660 locations throughout North America utilize OPIE systems. The company continues to develop leading-edge technologies to bring software advances to the industry. For more information, visit www.oandp.com.

About Prosthetic Design, Inc

Prosthetic Design, Inc>

Prosthetic Design, Inc. was established in 1991 soon after the inception of CAD/CAM, silicone liners, and high profile energy storing feet. These three advances created a need for modular, low profile, multi-task components to optimize the performance of endoskeletal lower extremity limbs. The company's mission has been to fulfill this need and to supply the industry with universal solutions that create flexibility in limb design, high quality socket reproduction and maintain a value in the time vs. material equation. For more information, visit www.prostheticdesign.com.

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