Use our state of the art dashboards and analytics to make informed business decisions to improve your overall workflow and financial revenue.

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Why do I need the OPIE+ Business Intelligence Dashboards?

Most of us in the O&P profession joined to help change lives. What they didn't tell us in school is this: You need to learn how to run a business. Running a business can be like owning a car. In order to keep your car running safely and efficiently, you need to keep an eye on your dashboard to maintain it and prevent failure. Successful businesses understand that there is undeniable value and insight in all of their data. From identifying trends in your operations, financials, referrals, appointment durations, prescriptions, and those with your payors. Each day that you are using OPIE+ you are investing in yourself and creating the opportunity to identify what areas of your practice need a little maintenance and in the long run make room for a better work-life balance for your entire team.

What are the Business Intelligence Dashboards?

The OPIE+ Business Intelligence Dashboards are unlike any other reporting tools available for O&P specific businesses. Our state of the art reporting dashboards continuously monitor and visualize your analytics and key business metrics. Each dashboard is designed to provide you with insight and real-time data that can be transformed into actionable change and help you anticipate your business needs.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard was designed specifically for practice owners and managers to easily review historical data in one place.

  • Overview – How is my business trending?
  • Operations – How effective are we at recording patient data?
  • Sustainability – How are our clinicians spending their time with patients?
  • Referrals – How are my referrals trending?
  • Financial – Who are my biggest payors? What do my payments look like over time?
  • Patient Satisfaction – What are my patients saying about me?
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WIP Dashboard Laptop Mockup

WIP: Aim for Success

Moving your patients from a referral to a delivery

  • Active WIP – Should all these patients be on the WIP?
  • Patients on Hold – Continue to monitor these patients without cluttering the WIP.
  • Patients Not on Hold – Patients actively moving towards delivery -> potential revenue.
  • Patients with Codes Selected – Patients that the admin and billing team are actively working their cases.
  • Patients Activated on WIP Financial – Patients with $ tied to them – Why do these patients not have a scheduled delivery?
  • Scheduled Deliveries – Patients close to delivery -> cash flow

Insurance Verification & Authorization

Visualizing the process of getting paid and emphasizing the details

  • Detailed Code Verification –Are you documenting verification at the code level? Is your claim subject to pre-authorization?
  • Financial Responsibility – Do my patients owe me money? Is it documented?
  • Authorizations – At a glance view of authorization status and expiration
  • Pre-Delivery Verification – Are you verifying a patient’s coverage prior to delivery?
  • Scheduled Deliveries at Risk – Red flags for not getting paid
  • Timeline – Finding the delays in the Revenue Cycle Management process.
Insurance Verification and Authorization Dashboard Laptop Mockup

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