Software Engineer



Gainesville, FL




As a Software Engineer at OPIE Software, you will be part of a dedicated team working with the latest technologies and coming up with creative solutions to problems across a wide range of projects from conception to release. Your passion for writing code, solving problems, designing solutions, and collaborating with other highly skilled individuals will allow you to succeed in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

Ownership of product is encouraged and as a member of our team, your contributions will have a positive impact on hundreds of clinics and patients. You aren’t alone. You’ll use Scrum and Agile practices. You’ll follow the team rules; in part, this means that you have to write high-quality code that’s for the team and not just for you. It also means that you need to work well with your teammates. Compromise and challenge where appropriate.


We are interested in the value that you will bring tomorrow. We will help you get there. We’ll meet at least quarterly to review your progress and help provide guidance, resources, and mutual accountability to help you achieve your goals.

Essential Functions:

  • Collaborate with your team, Product Management, and QA to rapidly deliver high-quality software
  • Solve technical problems of moderate scope and complexity
  • Craft code that meets our internal standards for style, maintainability, and best practices
  • Recognize impediments to team efficiency and to propose and implement solutions
  • Commit to continual self-improvement and professional development

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


  • 3+ years of web application development experience
  • Working knowledge of coding languages (e.g., C#, JavaScript, React, VB6)
  • Working knowledge of coding repositories
  • General Programming knowledge (e.g., JavaScript, Database knowledge, etc.)
  • Working knowledge of Programming concepts (e.g., object-oriented design, dependency injections, microservices, etc.)
  • Familiarity with web environments (setting them up as well as maintaining)
  • Working knowledge of various tools/applications (e.g., Git, SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio Code)
  • Working knowledge of testing procedure (e.g., creating unit and integration tests)
  • Working knowledge of troubleshooting best practices (e.g., using checklists to narrow down the scope)
  • Familiarity with lean practices (e.g., improving processes and identifying waste)
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies
    • Working product knowledge preferred
    • Familiarity with Windows service development environments preferred
    • Familiarity with desktop application development environments preferred
    • Understanding your own needed areas of improvement preferred


  • Effective communication (e.g. pointing out points of improvement for others in a way that isn’t offensive)
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Technical Mindset
  • Team-Oriented
  • Ability to research to find solutions for problems that are undocumented
  • Consistency, following established coding style
  • Collaboration skills
  • Perceptive (e.g., spot when code doesn’t work or recognize when it could work more efficiently)
  • Self-awareness (e.g., knowing how your actions affect the team as a whole)
  • Motivation to learn
  • Good writing ability to create internal documentation on processes preferred
  • Emotional intelligence and empathy preferred
  • Time management skills preferred
  • Humility preferred
  • Objectivity (e.g., being objective in retrospectively analyze and critique your own work) preferred
  • Ability to be self-reflective preferred
  • Prioritization skills preferred
  • Focus on self-improvement preferred

How to Apply

Send your resume to our career center on ADP, and include a cover letter that describes why you feel you would be a good fit for our company and the position you are applying for. Keep in mind that we are interested not only in your background and skills but also in who you are and how you would fit into our team and our vision.

We are passionate about creating a culture inside and outside of our organization that promotes personal and professional growth, constantly challenges the status quo, and of course, incorporates a little fun!