DeAnna Chapman, CPO, FAAOP, Named to the OPERF Board of Directors

Chapman Brings More than a Decade of Experience to the Foundation

The Orthotic and Prosthetic Education and Research Foundation (OPERF) is pleased to announce that DeAnna Chapman, CPO, FAAOP, has been named Chair of its Education Committee. Chapman replaces James P. Rogers, CPO, FAAOP, who has served as chair of the committee for more than ten years.

“It has been a privilege to serve OPERF for over a decade. The work accomplished by OPERF, and the Education Committee is extremely important in supporting new academics contributing to the research efforts of the profession. Therefore, I am delighted to be leaving the committee in the capable hands of DeAnna Chapman. Chapman has served as an Education Committee member for nearly ten years. I have no doubt that she will provide excellent leadership of the OPERF Education Committee,” said Rogers.

DeAnna Chapman is Manager of Strategic Programs at OPIE Software. She earned her master’s degree in prosthetics and orthotics from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2006. Chapman is a certified prosthetist-orthotist with over ten years of clinical experience. Prior to serving as the Chair of the Education Committee, Chapman served as a Committee Member from 2012-2021.

Don Katz, MHA, CO/L, FAAOP, Chairperson of OPERF, is grateful to Rogers for his contributions and excited about what the future holds. “On behalf of the OPERF Board of Directors, I would like to extend our most sincere appreciation for the outstanding leadership of Jim Rogers, CPO, FAAOP, who has served as the Education Committee Chair over the past ten years. We couldn’t be more pleased to also welcome DeAnna Chapman, CPO, FAAOP as the new Chair of this important Committee as we embark on a new round of Education Award reviews.”


ALPS Products Now Available in OPIE Purchasing and Inventory

Gainesville, FL — September 9th, 2021 — OPIE Software and ALPS South, LLC are excited to announce that ALPS products are now available for purchase in OPIE Purchasing and Inventory! All OPIE Purchasing and Inventory users can now view ALPS digital catalogs, place orders, and receive order confirmations. ALPS is proud to offer superior products at the least possible cost with cost-effective manufacturing strategies and extreme production efficiency. With 3 types of gel and 4 types of fabric, ALPS’ wide variety of sleeves and liners make it possible to provide the best solution. ALPS also develops prosthetic skincare products, socks, locking systems, and pumps. We hope to see you all at AOPA this year. Be sure to stop by the OPIE Software booth (#519) for some goodies and the ALPS booth (#205) where the first 100 CPO’s receive a free gift bag!

About ALPS Slouth, LLC

ALPS South, LLC is a leading US medical device manufacturer specializing in advanced gel-based prosthetic liners. Dedicated to Making Lives Better, the ALPS Research & Development Team, composed of engineers and technicians, continually focuses on exploring cutting-edge technology and developing innovative solutions to identify and anticipate the unique needs of below and above-knee amputees.
It manufactures 100% of its products, from knitting fabric to molding. ALPS’ specially formulated gels, EasyGel, GripGel, and HD Gel, are geared to meet different needs. The EasyGel’s soft, powdery texture, created through powerful antioxidants, provides the best comfort for amputees with sensitive residual limb skin. The GripGel’s smooth, tacky texture helps to reduce bunching in the popliteal region. The High Density (HD) Gel’s dense, firm texture provides active amputees with a great degree of control and stability.
With three types of gel and four types of fabric, the perfect fit can be achieved. ALPS South’s wide selection of prosthetic gel liners and sleeves make it possible to provide the best solution for each amputee’s needs. As for ALPS liners, the majority are available in either the locking version or cushion version, furthering the ability to meet all possible wants and needs. Plus, finding the perfect solutions can be made quick and easy by using the ALPS Liner Selection Tool available in the App Store, Google Play, or desktop.
Aside from liners and sleeves, ALPS has also developed several other product lines to further benefit the needs and wants of above and below-knee amputees.
Its newest and most popular product, the Vacuum Integrated Pump (VIP), stabilizes the residual limb to overcome all issues connected with the limb changing volume throughout the day.
Its prosthetic socks, made with Coolmax fibers to remove sweat from the body, helps to provide more comfort while accommodating volume. The best part – the socks are available in three styles, three sizes, and three levels of thickness to fit and accommodate all lower-level amputees.
The ALPS skincare line includes seven robust solutions to meet various needs. Its most popular skin product, Antioxidant Cream, assists with soothing pain, itchiness, or irritated skin. Other products include lotion and ointments to help soothe dry and sensitive skin, antiperspirant spray to control and eliminate issues caused by excess sweat, prosthetic cleanser, and prosthetic lubricant that makes it easy to don the liner while eliminating the sticky feel.
Lastly, ALPS three variations of locking systems provide a convenient one-way gear that allows users to push in or wind out the limb into the prosthetic socket.
ALPS South’s mission, Making Lives Better, is a constant reminder to continue inventing and delivering the best products at affordable costs, providing maximum value to you and your patients. Although headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida, you can rapidly find the best solutions worldwide through its strategically placed global locations in China, Europe, Italy, Japan, and Ukraine.

About OPIE Software

OPIE Software is a healthcare IT organization dedicated to serving the technology, education, and business needs of the orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) profession. The OPIE Software platform was introduced in 2003 and provides electronic health records, workflow, billing, and practice management tools to independent orthotic and prosthetic facilities. In 2014, OPIE acquired Futura International, Inc., so we now offer the two leading practice management solutions to over 1,400 facilities to help O&P practices more effectively compete and succeed. For more information, visit

OPIE Help Square

New OPIE Help

OPIE Software is thrilled to announce upcoming changes to the online help features. These changes include:

  • Solutions to common questions or problems at your fingertips
  • Easy to find and follow solutions
  • A modern interface that provides direct access to the knowledge of our Software Support, Technical Support, and Customer Success Teams
  • The ability to interact with the knowledge to let us know if a solution was helpful
  • An improved feedback form to expedite submitting a ticket into our Support or Customer Success Teams
What’s New…
    • has a new look and greater functionality!
    • Improved search functionality
    • Solutions and Articles answering specific questions and issues
    • Ability to open a ticket if you cannot find a solution that fits your need
    • Product Integration
      • OPIE Anywhere
      • OPIE Suite of Applications
      • OPIE Purchasing and Inventory
      • OPIE Business Intelligence


OPIE Admin & Executive Dashboard Workshops

On the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:00pm EST we will run an Administrative Process Workshop geared towards administrative staff.  We will teach skills in each workshop that you can immediately apply on the job. We will also be discussing the workflows around insurance verification and authorization, patient balance management, code coverage, and more!

Now that you have the Executive Dashboard, do you know how to maximize its use? We have created a workshop series exclusively for executives to learn how to use this new tool and harness all the power of their data!


New Business Intelligence Tools

One of the many benefits of using the hosted version of OPIE Software is your status as an OPIE+ customer and free access to our new Executive Dashboard! Access to all the data you need to run your practice, all on a new, more user-friendly platform. This new tool gives you instant snapshots of key metrics and provides information that would take hours to generate on other platforms.

Starting in January, we will have a Workshop Wednesday for Executives to review the new Executive Dashboard. We will have monthly workshops at 4:00pm EST to review the new tool and answer any questions you might have.