OPIE Con 2020

OPIE Con – San Diego, CA

May 14 – 16, 2020

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

OPIE Con is the premier users conference for O&P professionals. You’ll learn new techniques and time-saving strategies with a community of your peers. OPIE Software has built a revolutionary education system for anyone who works in an O&P practice to learn how to be more efficient, more aligned, and how to provide better patient care. No matter your focus within an O&P practice, you will benefit from this three-day learning event!

Sheraton San Diego Hotel
1380 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Flight Destination:
San Diego International Airport (SAN)

Event Check-In:
May 13th, 4-6pm in the lobby

Opening Session:
May 14th, 7:45am

Closing Session:
May 16th, ends at 12pm

Growing Together

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to make your practice a success. We do that through providing inspiration, education, and connections that help you push your practice to new heights. Whether you work in the FRONT OFFICE, MANAGE THE PRACTICE, or are a CLINICIAN – OPIE Con is a valuable and affordable conference for anyone using OPIE Software.

Office Management Track

This educational session track will take the OPIE skills of O&P administrative staff to a higher level by establishing successful processes that enhance communication across their practice in a consistent and measurable way. After participating in the Office Management Track, your practice will likely experience fewer errors, a higher level of predictability throughout the week, improved cash flow, and increased clarity for the individual staff members on how to prioritize their work week.

Clinical Management Track

Clinicians who attend this session track will be exposed to proven techniques that improve communication and workflow strategies & processes that tie together the contributions of the administrative, clinical, technical and financial roles of the patient care organization. After participating in this track, clinicians will gain a working knowledge of how to use OPIE software to incorporate goal-oriented care with a clinical application of data obtained through the use of outcome measures throughout the episode of care.

mastermind event image_web

MasterMind 2020

Not Your Average Conference

We have spent years refining O&P practice management in our Mastermind program; it’s not just a conference, but an amazing opportunity to learn all year long. Countless hours have been invested so we can teach you how to turn your data into the differentiator, and how to put it into action to improve your practice.

For 2020, we are building on that knowledge and attempting to solve the riddles of workflow!

Two Tracks for Success

The process of business transformation, sustainability and success is ongoing, and the OPIE Choice Leadership & MasterMind™ Conference is designed to help you embrace the ever-changing healthcare environment.

We have created two tracks of learning, so if you don’t have to feel intimidated if you’ve never attended a MasterMind event previously. Our first track is all about foundational learning and reevaluating the people, process and tools in your workflow. We’ll teach you how to take your data and really get down to basics with it to ensure you’re on the best path to success.

Our second track is focused on advanced skills development where Owen Dahl, our resident expert this year, is going to teach us Green Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma, specifically tailored to orthotic & prosthetic practices.

At This Meeting You Will:

  • Engage with your peers in an interactive and educational environment
  • Identify critical success factors for your practice and determine what success means for you
  • Discover the tools and processes you need to understand your practice’s data and move your business forward

Invest in Your Practice by Investing in Your Team

If you’ve previously attended an OPIE MasterMind conference, consider bringing someone else from your practice who is taking on a leadership role. We’re limiting this event to only 36 companies, two attendees per organization, so sign up quickly because these seats fill up fast.


OPIE Ringmaster

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Thank you to everyone who participated.

It’s official! Congratulations to Savannah of Snell’s Prosthetics & Orthotics! Her awesome submission for the “OPIE Ringmaster” won over the hearts of our voters and has become the official OPIE pin for the 2019 AOPA National Assembly. We hope if you attended the event this past week you were able to get a pin for yourself!

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