Futura Migration FAQ’s

What is happening?

The Futura Hosted environment is moving to a bigger, better, and more secure environment using the Amazon Web Services platform. As part of this process, we’ll be working with each individual customer to manage the process of migration. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible, and ensure your experience with the new infrastructure exceeds your expectations.

Why is this happening?

OPIE Software is committed to providing the optimal hosting platform to help your practice be successful. By moving to this new infrastructure, we will be able to provide a greater level of service.

Will I need a new username or password?

Yes. The new environment will require a new password for each user. We will be importing usernames into the new domain soon. For Practitioner Portal users, new portal credentials will be necessary for user added/disabled or passwords changed. We will let you know when this needs to be done. As part of the migration process, a Migration Specialist will work with you to verify all credentialed users are able to access their applications prior to the go-live date.

Will I have the same published apps?

Yes but you will sign into a different web portal to access your published apps. By default, all users will have access to Futura, DBManage, and a Hosted User Admin tool. During the migration process, your Migration Specialist will assist in understanding what additional application are needed for each user at your facility.

Will I still be able to access the Practitioner Portal?

Yes, the new URL is https://portal.futuraintl.com/.

After we have been migrated to the new platform, how can I reset my password to access my published apps?

Ask one of your Futura Admin users to reset your account through the Hosted User Admin tool or you can call Futura Support at 1-800-876-7740, Option 3.

What can I expect for coordinating my migration day?

A Migration Specialist will reach out to your facility at least one week prior to your scheduled cutover date. They will provide you with a list of credentialed users, and temporary passwords for accessing the new environment and they will also give you a checklist for things to test prior to your migration,and will be available to test with you.

Will our monthly support costs change?

There will be no upfront charges to migrate you from the current hosted environment to the AWS platform since the current platform is going to be sunset. The Futura SaaS pricing has not been increased in over six years despite growing operating costs and average industry price increases of 5-7% every year. As a result of the enhancements to performance, capacity and security, in addition to a different user model there will be an increase to the monthly fees.


What will change?

The only changes you will experience is the loss of the Citrix application. A new website will be used to access Futura which can be found at https://login.futuraintl.com. A full walk through of the new environment can be found at the bottom of this FAQ.

I am seeing a security warning, is this normal and should I click ‘Run’?

Yes, you will get the security warning below when new executable files are pushed out. The notice is simply stating that the file does not have a valid or existing digital signature of a known publisher and Windows wants the user (you) to make the choice to allow it to run or not. This will pop up in serval areas throughout the Futura software commonly at login and when processing claims. We recommend that you click ‘Run’ and uncheck ‘Always ask before opening this file’ to stop it from always popping back up. Please note: Unchecking this box will only stop the popup until the next time new executables are push out then you will have to repeat this step.

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