OPIE pioneers industry-leading software, proven clinical best practices, and customized training and service solutions to improve outcomes for:


Patients & Their Families

OPIE means patients gain more value from their visits to the clinic – a more scientific approach to patient care, more built-in best practices for your clinician, and more patient engagement as you help guide and track your progress. For patients, OPIE means better clinical outcomes and more freedom to live your best life with family and friends.

Practitioners & Their Practices

OPIE means practitioners gain more value from their business – more effective and efficient industry-best practices, more productivity, more patient and employee satisfaction, and more speed in processing reimbursements. For practitioners, OPIE means a better business model and protecting the profit that allows your clinic to thrive.

Policy Makers & The Profession

OPIE means our profession gains more value from a higher standard of practice – more industry-specific features, more data-informed decisions, more collaboration to help practices of all size share in the benefits that come with improved patient outcomes. For the profession, OPIE means better information and a stronger community of experts.