Want to be a part of the premiere Canadian OPIE User Group?

We’re just getting started with OPIECan! In the first 6 months of this year, we will be working on an OPIECan Data Strategy that ensures members of the group are able to tell an awesome Canadian Data Story at the 2020 OPC National Assembly.

We will also be working together as a group to co-create a Canadian-Only Dashboard, using a problem solving and development framework that is transferable to other areas of your business.

The OPIECan 2020 schedule is now available – please mark your calendars with these important dates.

Semester A:
Thursday, January 30th | 3:30pm EST
Thursday, February 27th | 3:30pm EST
Thursday, March 26th | 3:30pm EST
Thursday, April 30th | 3:30pm EST
Thursday, May 28th | 3:30pm EST
Thursday, June 25th | 3:30pm EST

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