OPIE provides a comprehensive set of tools to compile and analyze your practice's data, enhancing your business intelligence to help ensure success.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Integrated Approach to Gathering Satisfaction Data

OPIE Software is proud to partner with Quality Outcomes to measure O&P patient satisfaction in a new, integrated manner that leads to an easy-to-use, improved data collection system for the independent O&P profession. Read more...

  • Integrated tools allow OPIE practices to communicate electronically with patients to get their direct feedback.
  • Systematic approach to gathering Patient Satisfaction data increases the visibility and importance of this key factor in O&P patient care success.
  • Patient responses viewable directly within the OPIE patient chart.
  • OPIE users are provided with the Basic version of the Quality Outcomes system at no additional cost.
  • Full Service version allows breakdown of patient satisfaction for specific clinicians, or in comparison to the entire profession.

Patient Outcome Measurement
Uniquely Developed Clinical Tracks Incorporates Patient Outcome Measurement Tools

The O&P profession is focused on creating positive patient outcomes through providing rehab support with custom-designed orthotic and prosthetic devices. While every patient that an O&P practice serves has unique needs, it is critical that O&P practices drive standardization through their own workflow and clinical processes. Utilizing the new OPIE Clinical Tracks, O&P clinicians have a thoroughly researched clinical protocol to follow through each step of the clinical process. Read more...

  • The OPIE Clinical Tracks provide clinicians with the tools necessary to standardize every step in the patient care process while at the same time creating a clinical documentation trail that records all aspects of this process.
  • Each OPIE Clinical Track is customized for a specific device type and incorporates the use of patient outcome tools that are proven, documented and validated.
  • By standardizing the clinical documentation process and patient outcome process, the OPIE System is able to standardize the gathering of patient data across clinicians, branches, and practices.
  • When clinicians utilize the OPIE Clinical Tracks, this unique tool "auto-creates" a standardized SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment Plan) note that positions O&P clinicians as a true medical professional.

Business Metrics
Real-World, Accurate Data Helps to Ensure Success

Every functional aspect of an O&P practice is thoroughly integrated into the OPIE System so an enormous amount of data is collected just through the daily use of the software by every member of a practice's staff. The power of this data is unleashed through the utilization of the OPIE Reports tools and allows a practice owner to dig into their business details in ways that otherwise would be impossible. In addition, other OPIE practices gather similar data about their own businesses so it is very easy for non-competing practices to compare their business data to see how their metrics compare. Read more...

  • A business' efficiency is measured in a wide range of ways. Fortunately, the OPIE System can track business metrics in all aspects of an O&P practice so every functional area of an organization can be reviewed and improved.
  • Clinical efficiencies are traditionally very hard to measure in the O&P field. However, the OPIE System can measure the results of every clinician in a practice regardless of which metrics the practice owner focuses their attention.
  • Product procurement is normally 30 to 35% of the costs associated with an O&P practice's expense structure. The OPIE Purchasing & Inventory System allows practices to manage this cost with more detail and more data than any other system available to the profession today.
  • How satisfied a practice's patients are with their services is critical to how well a practice is likely to succeed over the long term. With the OPIE System's deep integration with the Quality Outcomes' Patient Satisfaction Survey system, OPIE practices cannot only measure gross patient satisfaction but also can really dig into the details about what patients think about specific branches and specific clinicians.

Don't Just Take it From Us
Listen to Your Friends in the Profession

The information available in the OPIE System has helped to drive my practice into a successful business. We are now building patient outcome and satisfaction data that we are using to position our organization as a leader in the medical profession.

Thomas Passero, CP, Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates

OPIE, thanks for giving us the tools that we need to improve our practices and to give us the perspective that we need to affect our future.

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