OPIE Workflow

Following the OPIE Workflow provides a defined plan for the way you work – from collecting patient data and defining L-codes for a patient, to ordering products and billing a claim electronically.

Front Office
Creating a Patient-Centric O&P Practice

In an OPIE practice, each member of the team uses the same software system, which results in consistent processes that are thoroughly and completely documented. This approach leads to improved compliance and accountability. Read more...

  • Front office administrative tasks start with use of the OPIE Graphical Scheduler that links to the entire patient record.
  • Once patients arrive for care, the admin team integrates all patient demographic data to start the Work in Progress (WIP) process in OPIE.
  • Document HIPAA and Medicare Supplier Standards using digital signature technology.
  • Thorough process for detailing each patient’s prescriptions, referral source details and insurance payer information.
  • Full range of information is used to begin the insurance authorization process, which is documented in the standardized OPIE Workflow.
  • By following the OPIE Workflow process for a front office operation, an OPIE practice automatically helps to meet 12 of the American Board of Certification of Orthotists & Prosthetists (ABC) accreditation standards for Patient Records.

Clinical Visits
OPIE’s Clinical Documentation Stands Up to the Test

The core electronic medical records component of OPIE connects every staff member to better manage the complete operations of an independent O&P practice. The OPIE Workflow Process coordinates practices in every functional area of daily work from scheduling appointments, managing administrative documentation, driving the clinical documentation process, organizing the fabrication activities, overseeing purchasing, documenting delivery of devices, seamless transitioning to billing, and continuing to provide patient care after delivery. Read more...

  • The OPIE Clinical Tracks provide the most comprehensive clinical evaluation, documentation and patient outcome gathering tool available to the profession.
  • L-Code Intelligence creates rules and alerts based on codes, payers, K levels and more to reduce coding and billing errors.
  • Improve communication with referral sources and allied health professionals involved with the rehab of the patient.
  • The most innovative patient notes and integrated in-chart note dictation process in the profession.
  • Includes tools that greatly assist in meeting the documentation requirements associated with CMS or Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs).
  • Assists in the documentation necessary to substantiate K Level for lower limb prosthetic patients.
  • Provides tools to help meet 81% of American Board of Certification of Orthotists & Prosthetists (ABC) accreditation standards for Patient Care and Management. The standards not being met with OPIE are related to disaster planning, hours of operation and respiratory equipment.

Integrating Device Fabrication into the OPIE Process

The fabrication of the device is critical to the O&P patient care process and must be part of any O&P workflow process. OPIE provides a variety of tools to integrate the fabrication efforts into the entire patient medical record and WIP management. Read more...

  • Incorporates standard fabrication forms for clinicians to complete for specific device types.
  • Fab technicians have a special login for OPIE to allow them to view relevant patient information for jobs assigned to them.
  • Electronic assignment and tracking of device creation throughout the fabrication process.
  • Provides documentation tools to help to meet 11 of ABC’s accreditation standards for Performance Management and Improvement.

Purchasing & Inventory
Finally, the Purchase Order Book Becomes Obsolete

OPIE Purchasing & Inventory takes the headache out of selecting, ordering, tracking, and documenting component and supply orders. With online access to over 25 major O&P suppliers, automated documentation to meet CMS requirements, and detailed reporting tools that allow you to understand and manage spending patterns, P&I is a tool that will save you time and reduce errors. Read more...

  • Built-in digital catalogs for Integrated Suppliers include fast, simple product ordering utilizing drop down boxes, ordering wizards, and your own favorites list.
  • Integrates with the patient electronic medical record so that Cost of Materials can be tracked by practice, by branch, by clinician, by patient or by device type.
  • Automated invoice reconciliation and smart inventory features ensure that parts and supplies will only be ordered if those items are not already in inventory.
  • Documents and tracks purchases from every vendor for device components, fabrication supplies and office supplies.
  • Digital ‘purchase order book’ functionality allows for deep scrutiny of each OPIE practice’s Cost of Materials.
  • Automatically documents product details to meet CMS requirements without any additional work from your staff, just by using the system!

To get started with P&I, contact Sales at 800.876,7740 x139 or sales@opiesoftware.com

Integrated Suppliers
We Integrate with the Businesses You Already Work With

With integrated suppliers the OPIE tools are extended to include your relationships with business partners. Browse complete digital product catalogs, select and configure components, initiate and track central fabrication jobs, and place electronic orders without ever leaving the software.

To get started with P&I, contact Sales at 800.876,7740 x139 or sales@opiesoftware.com.

Browse the online catalogs to learn more about products available through your local orthotics and prosthetics facility.

Establishing a Billing Process that Leads to Success in Collections

Billing for O&P services has many unique complexities that require a comprehensive software to create successful claim submission and collections processes. The OPIE Billing System moves beyond basic billing functions to optimize the billing process and improve the collections efforts that can so dramatically impact cash flow for an O&P practice. Read more...

  • Collects the info needed for billing throughout the patient care process to automatically fill out nearly all claim information, reducing errors and saving time so that generating a claim only takes a few seconds.
  • Uses an innovative, task-driven approach to minimize staff time while helping to ensure that each step in the collections process is effectively managed.
  • Integrated collection tools and reports improve the accountability within the billing/collection process and improve cash flow management.
  • Electronic claim submission through ZirMed, a leading clearinghouse, so you get paid quicker.
  • Patient demographic information, insurance companies and referring physicians can be imported, assuming you can export the data from your existing software.
  • System is compliant with changing HIPAA and CMS regulations.
  • OPIE Billing & Collections is an integrated part of the OPIE Software System and is not available separately. However, the OPIE System can be purchased without this module.
  • Provides tools to help to meet 6 of 6 American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABC) accreditation standards for Claims and Billing Compliance.

You Can Only Manage What You Can Measure

Running a business in today’s healthcare world has become even more complex and challenging, requiring healthcare providers to focus on effective use of real-world, accurate data. OPIE provides a comprehensive set of tools to compile and analyze your practice’s data, enhancing your business intelligence to help ensure success. Read more...

  • Remotely connect to complete practice workflow management from anywhere in the world.
  • Conduct independent Chart Audits.
  • OPIE Reports provides hundreds of report options that makes your business transparent.
  • Create reports by Practitioner, Branch, Referring Physician, Insurance, Device Type, or Code.
  • Monitor regulatory & compliance measures.
  • Provide thorough review of data for weekly staff meetings.

OPIE On The Road
Take OPIE Where YOU Care for Your Patients

Today’s O&P patient care often takes clinicians out of their offices and into a variety of different care environments. Fortunately, OPIE can go along wherever you need to go to care for your patients. Read more...

  • Native app allows simple touch screen usability on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android phones.
  • View schedule, check in patients, review patient history, use note templates, record dictations, and more!
  • Capture patient images and save directly to the appropriate location in the OPIE patient chart.
  • Digital patient signatures captured on important documentation such as the HIPAA form and delivery receipts.
  • Data is transmitted instantly back to OPIE for immediate access at the office.

Don't Just Take it From Us
Listen to Your Friends in the Profession

Using this software makes my job so much better, knowing I can leave a patient room having completed everything for my patient and move to the next without the monkey on my back of unresolved patient care."

Christian Smith, CPO, Victory Orthotics & Prosthetics

OPIE Support always responds to our calls and questions very quickly. They help us to find solutions to our problems.

Laura Jones, CPO, Procare P&O

We have been using OPIE for 3 years. We were hit by RAC audits like everyone else in our area. We won all of them and it seems that the auditors have now given up on us. During our ABC and Medicare inspections, we hear nothing but praise for the ease of providing all pertinent patient information immediately upon request.

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